Litter Picking

More on Litter Picking here. We like our town and its surroundings to look beautiful. Above is a photo of the cheery gang who help to make it so. Here they are out doing their thing on Hergest Ridge.

Repair Café

Click for further info. The repair café is open when the Saturday Market is running. That is on the 3rd Saturday of each month from April to Christmas. Bring along your broken bits, save them from land fill and learn how to repair them if they go wrong again.


Gordon is happy to deliver talks on a range of subjects. Currently available are Why Electric Vehicles Now? Your UK Energy Options Zero Carbon Britain People , Plate and Planet We need to talk about Klimate The importance of Trees and Land Use in the Carbon Cycle Download a summary of the talks here.

Care Share Club

This might be a way of saving much money. One car between lots of people means that many of the costs can be shared too. Please use a large screen device (laptop/desktop/ tablet) to access all the information.

Public Pressing Events

Bring out your apples and use the KLEEN press. Take home lots of lovely home grown apple juice. This event happens on a number of occasions in the autumn. Click to see last year’s poster.


1. Our Forests, Our Future 2. Yes Men Fix The World 3. The End of the Line 4. Burma: The Rice Cycle 5. Burma: Inspiring Children to Learn 6. The Pipe 7. The History of Oil 8. So you Want to Keep Bees 9. Trees talk 3: If you are interested in watching a film please send a message to Gordon at this address: kleen@live.uk

Keep Herefordshire Warm

Help for those who need it.

Through Keep Herefordshire Warm, we currently have access to a pilot project offering emergency grant funding to residents with broken gas heating systems (or those with intermittent faults). To be eligible, residents must be homeowners. Replacements are 100% fully funded and are working on a turnaround of 7 days. In order to qualify, householders are required to be in receipt of a means tested benefit or have a household income of £21,000 or less (after rent or mortgage deduction), limited savings (<£8,000 for a single person or £12,000 for multiple person household) and have a vulnerability (aged 60 or over, children under 5 or health conditions / disability). KHW advisors can run through this criteria with residents in more detail. For more information or to refer, please contact Keep Herefordshire Warm on 0800 677 1785 or email khw@mea.org.uk